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SkyBlueLegal was created by licensed attorneys to give people the ability to create medical and estate planning documents from any computer, tablet or smartphone. As technology has advanced, so too has people’s access to information and options with regard to legal documents which were previously unavailable. Everyone has the right to make enforceable medical and estate planning decisions, and SkyBlueLegal puts those decisions in your hands with its document creation wizards. You specify the options, and SkyBlueLegal automatically generates and emails you the documents you select.


A word from our Founder

I started SkyBlueLegal in 2014 to address a growing need for access to medical and estate planning legal documents in Tennessee. As an attorney, I hear many people say that they know they ought to have an Advance Care Plan, Power of Attorney and a Last Will and Testament, but not everyone does. Medical and estate planning decisions could be the most important ones we ever make, but despite this, the time and money it takes to obtain these documents can be real barriers for many people.

SkyBlueLegal is designed to make medical and estate planning documents accessible and convenient for everyone. Through the use of laptops, tablets and smartphones, people now have access to information and services that were previously costly and time consuming. SkyBlueLegal provides a convenient and affordable way for people to obtain the legal documents you need to plan for your future and the future of your loved ones.

Will Cleveland

Founder – SkyBlueLegal

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Our Suite of Medical and Estate Planning Documents

Advance Care Plan

Let your doctors and loved ones know the medical decisions you wish to make before something happens with an Advance Care Plan.

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Last Will and Testament

Make sure your property goes to the people you want. With a Last Will and Testament you can decide who will inherit your property, and even include provisions for the protection of your pets.

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Power of Attorney

With a Power of Attorney you can give someone you trust the ability to handle your financial and/or medical affairs while you are not able to. Don’t let a visit to the hospital put you behind, SkyBlue has you covered with the Power of Attorney wizard.

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