I saw a news report about what could happen if you don’t have your medical wishes (life support, etc.) laid out officially.  It was kind of scary so I decided to look for a quick, affordable way to get it done. I chose SkyBlueLegal because the Advance Care Plan was so easy to fill out and you can’t beat the price. I’m relieved to have it taken care of.”


“I had been asking my husband about our Wills and such for quite a while, but it never got done. I was able to do the parts that I knew and ask him about the rest when he got home. The price was great! I’m happy with the process!”

Susan P.
Work from home

“I did this with my Dad, who lives in a care home in town.  I brought my laptop and we filled out an advance care plan first.  Then, as we were reading through everything, we decided to do the power of attorney too, and the will (his will was out-dated since my mom passed).  Anyway, it only took us an hour to do them all, and it was easy just going through the questions together. The discount was nice too.  Now he says some of his friends at the home are asking about it.  It’s a good option for people in our situation and I would recommend it.”

Walter Lane
Law Enforcement Officer

“I am very pleased with my Will, Power Of Attorney and Advanced Care Plan forms that I made on this Website. It is hard for me to get out of the house, but my grandson showed me how to do this on the Internet, at my own pace.  These decisions are important and I am glad to have a way to get this settled without having to find and drive to a Lawyer’s office. I did the Package and got the discount. Thank You – Abby”


“Great deal for the price and what you get.  Wasn’t sure what to expect but it was pretty fast and no trouble.  Just answered some questions and then printed my final product.  Got it notarized the next day at the bank.  Worth it, in my opinion.”

Jeff C

“Wow!! I’ve been meaning to take care of this for a while, but life kept getting in the way.  The whole process took me less than an hour, and now I have everything I need in case the unexpected happens.  I feel better knowing that my wishes for myself and my kids are down on paper and everything is official.  It was surprisingly easy.”

Janette W.

“Easy and affordable! Couldnt really ask for anything else. Better than hiring an attorney.”

Lisa Schwartz
Personal Chef

“SkyBlueLegal really takes the time and price out of getting legal documents – no appointments, no waiting. I would 100% recommend this service to others.” 

Alex Davis
Project Engineer

“Hands down the best legal document service available for medical and estate planning. It’s simple, affordable and immediately usable.”

Michael Trump

I was worried about what would happen if I was in the hospital and on life-support. What if I was in pain? Would my family members make the right decision, or would they even know what I would want? That’s the reason I felt I needed to have an Advance Care Plan and a Power of Attorney. Now that I’ve got them, my decisions are in legal documents and nobody has to fight over what to do in a given situation. SkyBlueLegal made it very easy.”

Marc Vettriano

“I usually try to avoid computers, but it was very simple using SkyBlueLegal. I created a Medical and Estate Planning Package and it was very user friendly, even for me. The directions were clear and the documents came right to my email.”

Jane Huston

“SkyBlueLegal is so user friendly and fast I couldn’t believe how easy it was to create a Medical and Estate Planning Package. It’s also cheaper than other services that don’t specialize in medical and estate planning. I would highly recommend this to anyone.”

Mark Anderson

LegalTree Services

Let us Help you have Peace of Mind.

Medical and Estate Planning Package

Take advantage of our full suite of medical and estate planning documents. The package includes the Advance Care Plan, Power of Attorney and Last Will and Testament at one reduced rate.

Advance Care Plan

Let your doctors and loved ones know the medical decisions you wish to make before something happens with an Advance Care Plan.

Last Will and Testament

Make sure your property goes to the people you want. With a Last Will and Testament you can decide who will inherit your property, set up a trust for your children or other loved ones, and even include provisions for the protection of your pets.

Power of Attorney

With a Power of Attorney you can give someone you trust the ability to handle your financial and/or medical affairs while you are not able to. Don’t let a visit to the hospital put you behind, LegalTree has you covered with the Power of Attorney wizard.

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